Friday, June 29, 2001

This is so wierd. It's also time to leave the office and I came across this old link in my internet explorer favourites... And all of a sudden a find myself back to this silly bloggy thing. Checking the date, it seems like I had a 5 hour phase of blogging and that was it! My attention span is somewhat short... Anyway, I'm feeling kinda down at the moment. The company's been hit quite bad and a lot of us may be made redundant.

On a lighter note though, referring to my entries on 10/18/2000, I did manage to find pictures of the Wonderbra compaign!

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Just had a quick look at the league table. Ouch, my fantasy football team is tied at 1668th position.
Finished watching a football match. PSV just got a pasting by Manchester United... 3-0 hahah
Daytrading sucks. I definitely need to find another less costly past time. However, on a lighter note I was trying to get digital pics of the new wonderbra ad campaign but the site has not yet been updated. In and around London, you'll know which billboard ad I'm talking about if you see it.